Name: FontLab
Reviewed Version: 4.6
Reviewed Update Version: n/a
Company: FontLab, Ltd.
Type: Commercial
Price: $549.00

In this day and age of OSX there aren't many programs out there that will help those in love with fonts to create the things they desire the most.
But thankfully one of the best classic applications has been brought into the 21st Century with OSX... FontLab.
There are many things you can do typographically speaking, but there is still one feature missing in this version that I also wanted in previous ones. Auto-Trace.
The only program that handled that was the now defunct Fontographer. Maybe ScanFont has that function, but that will wait for a future review. I just hope we get Auto-Trace sometime in the near future with FontLab. That feature saves both time and aggravation.
Among the many things you will find in FontLab here are a few things you will be able to do with your homebrew fonts:
  • Level 2 and Level 3 EPS import/export - Makes it simple to exchange EPS files with the latest versions of Adobe Illustrator
  • Make your own multiple master fonts with up to 4 axes
  • Perform paint operations in a vector environment
  • Full support for Unicode encodings with multiple codepages and optional font reencoding
  • Create Arabic and Hebrew Fonts - right-to-left writing is supported in all panels and in the Metrics editor
  • Create Fonts for both Windows and Mac
  • Create TrueType, PostScript, Multiple Master, or OpenType fonts on the fly
  • Add copyright information and descriptions
  • Fix kerning, encoding, and metrics
  • Many things can be done automatically with the click of a button!
  • Much, much more
If you are looking to create a new font then you should really check into this application. If it can't do it then it more than likely can't be done.
UPDATE: With the advent of Panther it seems that this product now no longer works in OSX. You can still use it if booted in Classic though. The developers were contacted months ago about this and said a fix was on the way, but yet none has shown. Because of this it drops from 5 apples to 1 apple until it is compatable with Panther especially if you are going to pay this price for an application.
UPDATE #2: Due to the emails of a loyal citizen of MacNation it has been found that the culprit for FontLab crashing is the way that Panther treats it's fonts. If you have any "bad" fonts in your system then FL products will not load. I am now putting the rating back with one apple taken off (for a total of 4) due to the fact that FL isn't truly Panther ready.
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