From the Mac to the iPhone, Apple has opened up the Appstore to countless types of games.  Some of the most popular, aside from the free games, are those in the category of casino apps.  In that subsection of gaming, some of the most popular of those games are slot machines, poker apps and other full service casino games that include multiple games such as blackjack or roulette.

With game makers such as Zynga, Microgaming and others, the Appstore is flooded with games that give players a real sense of live casino action without the pesky need to travel thousands of miles.

The online slot machine games that can be found range in price from no dollars to about $4.99 depending on many different factors such as complexity of the game, features or just the developer.  More well known developers in this gaming section, tend to charge more because they have several artists working to create the project.  However, there are those popular developers that go the other way and offer microtransactions within the app to collect revenue.  Microtransaction in these apps are most often to purchase casino coins or added benefits to the game.

Free slots, according to, The Free Slots Guru, are some of the most popular games on both the iPhone and google Play store.  Statistics are also showing that browser based games are also leading the pack in terms of casino games online.  Other popular games are now arriving that are in the category of strategy and role playing, however, the first person shooters that are so popular on consoles and macs just have not transitioned well in catering to the iPhone and mobile crowd.