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We review apps for the iPhone – this includes utility apps, free apps, paid apps and especially gaming apps.  We are casino apps aficionados, so our readers will find several casino gaming app reviews alongside the reviews for utility apps. As we see it, utility apps – most iPhone owners will really only use ten of those during the lifetime of their device.  They will change them up of course when a more efficient or more friendly one comes about, but most users will only use ten.  That’s why we just show you the top ten utility apps that we are using.

However, this is never the case when it comes to gaming apps.  Gaming apps and casino apps, are what fill most iPhone user’s storage space.  There are plenty of games too!  So, Mac Nation is here to help you find the very best in apps, game apps and casino apps.

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Additionally, readers that are interested in PC gaming and even bitcoin gaming will be able to find an informative listing on our site. New iOS apps are being added daily and are showing continual improvement.

App players will place their virtual coins before they roll the dice. They will find different wagers that they can place their wagers on all over the screen. They just need to pick a chip size of the available sizes that the game offers then place it on any of these bets. After they place the wagers, they can initiate the game and roll the dice by clicking on the button that says “Roll”. The 3 dices will then roll and the outcome will be seen at the top and any winning wagers will be paid before players can place new bets for the next round. Players can repeat the same bet or they can click clear to remove the old ones and place new ones.

Other New Apps of Interest

3 Card Poker is a very simple and an easy poker game that is dedicated for all of the poker fans out there. The game can be considered as a video poker machine since there are no real players involved, but on the other hand, players will not be rewarded according to their own hand only because they will have to beat the hand of the dealer.

As the game implies, the poker hand is not the usual 5-card hand, but it consists of only 3 cards. There are no flop, no river cards, and no additional cards, it is all about the first three cards that players will get. In order for players to start the game, they will have to place a wager. Players will find the different wagers they can place by going through the available stakes at the bottom left side of the control panel of the game. They will click on the + and the – symbols. The available stakes include 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 and 200. This is the Ante bet, which is the initial bet that they will have to place before they can start the game.

After the Ante bet is placed, players will click on Deal. They will then get 3 cards facing up while the dealer will give himself 3 cards facing down. Players will see the cards and determine whether they wish to fold and forfeit the ante bet or whether they like the hand and want to continue. If they want to continue, they will have to place another bet which is equal the initial Ante bet that they placed.

After they do that, the dealer will show the 3 cards that he has and the showdown will begin. The same poker hands are applied but instead of 5 cards, its 3 cards. So for example, a straight is when players get 3 cards with executive values, a flush is when players get 3 cards of the same suit and 3 of a kind is when players get three identical cards.

If players have a higher hand, they will get a 1:1 payout on the Ante. As for the play bet, it depends on the hand of the dealer. If the hand of the dealer does not qualify, the Play bet is refunded to the dealer and to the players. If the hand of the dealer qualifies, then if the players win, they will get a 1:1 payout on the play bet as well. In order for the dealer’s hand to qualify, it has to have a Queen high card or higher.